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Our members make a vital contribution to the cause through a financial contribution to the local Party. Merton Conservatives also work closely with our neighbours in Wandsworth, meaning you will also hear about their events too. 

To join the Conservative Party, please click the button to the left and follow the steps or, for more information about joining, email; or call 020 8944 2905.

It is a common misconception that membership means you will be expected to campaign and knock on doors. We recognise that people join the Conservative Party for different reasons and have busy lives. Everyone helps us in different ways whether that is delivering leaflets in their street, standing for election, attending events or simply showing their support by becoming a member. 



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Our local community and Conservative team depends on volunteers like you. How might you be able to help?
You can join the Conservative Party online or by post. If you do not want to join online, would you like to be sent a membership form so you can join by post?
Many people find it easier to vote by post, guaranteeing their vote even if they are away or ill.