Update on air quality, Merton Music and the education site at Whatley Avenue.

At last week's council meeting Merton Conservatives put forward motions to improve air quality monitoring around our schools, keep the former adult education site at Whatley Avenue in educational use, and congratulate Merton Music Foundation on their fantastic ‘Music for Life’ concert at the Royal Albert Hall.


Your local Conservative Councillors believe that improving air quality, especially around areas frequented by our children, is of paramount importance. It is therefore disappointing that the Labour-run Council has decided to stop its annual monitoring of air quality around our schools and has repeatedly rejected our proposals to introduce low emission bus zones and to plant 350 additional trees around our schools. We will of course continue to campaign for better air in our borough.


In Merton there is growing demand for primary and special needs education provision. Local Conservatives therefore put forward a proposal to retain the former adult education site on Whatley road and allow the Joseph Hood Primary School to expand. The site could also have been used to create a ‘Skills Hub’ that would be capable of serving all of South West London, helping people into employment and upskilling the borough. Unfortunately, this proposal was also rejected by the Labour-run administration.


The Council has decided to cut funding for the Merton Music Foundation. Local Conservatives believe that this is incredibly short sighted and put forward alternative proposals to preserve their funding by scrapping free Christmas car parking in Wimbledon town centre. Tough choices do have to be made in local government and our belief was that continuing to fund the MMF has huge positive benefits for our community. We will of course continue to monitor this situation and push to restore their funding. After all, Merton council is due to underspend its budget by £2.48 million this year, so there is money available.


Merton Conservative are continuing our campaigns to improve air quality and support children all across Merton.

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Improve Air Quality Without Taxing Wimbledon

Under Labour-run Merton Council, there exists an unacceptable and shameful nine years of healthy living gap between people living in the most and least deprived areas of the borough, due in no small part to our poor air quality.