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St Helier Hospital Saved.

The NHS has confirmed plans to upgrade facilities at St Helier Hospital and build a brand-new emergency care centre in Sutton, alongside the Royal Marsden. After years of delay and uncertainty, this £500,000,000 plan will protect and improve local services, including A&E and Maternity.

The new specialist emergency care hospital, just a few minutes from St Helier, will treat the sickest 15% of patients, those normally arriving by ambulance. A larger specialist team will be available 24 hours a day to diagnose more rapidly, start the best treatment faster, and help patients recover more quickly. The refurbished St Helier will remain open 24/7, with updated and improved facilities, providing all other services as at present.

St Helier hospital is here to stay. It will be completely refurbished and continue to provide most local health services. The sickest patients will receive state-of-the-art treatment in the brand-new specialist emergency centre in nearby Sutton.


Modern Multi-Site Solution to Provide the Best Possible Care.

To provide the best and most modern care, local NHS clinicians have drawn up a three-site plan to cover the Merton, Sutton and Surrey Downs area. St Helier and Epsom will retain their district hospitals, both supplemented by a brand-new state-of-the art emergency care centre next door to the Royal Marsden in Sutton.

Each hospital will have an urgent treatment centre, caring for two thirds of the patients currently seen by A&E, with the most serious and life threatening seen at the new state-of-the art specialist centre in Sutton. Merton residents will benefit from resilient, accessible, and convenient care at St Helier with access to state-of-the art specialist acute facilities in nearby Sutton. Overall, there is a small increase in the number of beds and an increase in patient capacity.

85% of services will remain in the refurbished district hospital at St Helier – these are the services disproportionately used by local people – with specialist care available for the most serious in Sutton.


Merton Labour Attempt to Block Plans.

Labour Merton Council is trying to block and delay the plans. They have hired a financial consultant from outside the area to try to discredit the plans drawn-up by local NHS clinicians. They reject the need for a new state of the art emergency treatment centre, and block every attempt to improve standards with more review and delay.

Leader of Merton Conservatives, Cllr Nick McLean says, “After years of uncertainty, I am dismayed by the Labour Party’s attempt to sabotage this investment in local healthcare. The plan delivers extensive new facilities for Merton residents. In addition to a refurbished St Helier district hospital, we will have access to a brand new, world class, specialist emergency centre in Sutton”.


Merton Conservatives Campaign gains £500,000,000 Investment in Local NHS.

Merton Conservatives and Stephen Hammond MP have fought hard for many years to gain this huge government investment in our local NHS. We will continue to put local residents’ interests above party political games, and support the expert judgement of local NHS clinicians to improve healthcare for all Merton residents.

Stephen Hammond MP says, “We owe it to local residents and our heroic NHS workers to end the delay and invest in St Helier Hospital to provide the best health care facilities. A refurbished and improved St Helier Hospital will be here to stay providing the majority of local health services, and the sickest patients will get state-of-the-art treatment in the brand-new specialist emergency hospital."