Dear Merton Labour - St Helier Hospital

A letter has been put into circulation this week by Merton Labour claiming that St Helier Hospital is launching a new consultation about closing the hospital. THIS CLAIM IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE.

Adult Social Care Letter in Wimbledon Guardian

At Budget Council recently, every Labour councillor had the chance to do the right thing for the people of Merton. I had hoped all members of the Council might have united to support the 1.7% Adult Social Care precept. Hundreds of local people signed our petition (

Protecting Services for the most vulnerable

In response to Labour’s financial mismanagement, Merton’s Conservative councillors will formally call for a 1.7% precept to raise £1.355million to continue funding crucial frontline services for the borough’s most vulnerable adults at next week’s annual Council budget meeting. 

Crossrail 2 Wimbledon - Update

Conservative councillors have called on Crossrail 2 to rule out the demolition of Wimbledon town centre and instead to look carefully at other options which would minimise disruption for local residents and businesses. 

Consultation on Morden Leisure Centre

Consultation on Morden Leisure CentreLetter from Mitcham and Morden ConservativesWhile we welcome the fact that the Morden Leisure Centre Project is finally moving forward after being stalled by Labour since 2010, we believe that improvements must be made to current plans. 

Don't Scrap Council Webcasting

Conservative councillors have put down a motion calling on Labour-run Merton to think again about scrapping the webcasting of high profile meetings such as Full Council and the Planning Applications Committee (PAC) and to consider alternative options to maintain this service for residents.

Crossrail 2 Wimbledon - Website Launch!

Many of you have written to us, frustrated at the lack of detail from Crossrail 2 and disappointed that only one option has been consulted on.So, we are launching a website to keep you informed about what is happening and allow you to join in campaigns for better solutions. 

Letter re Crossrail 2 - Wimbledon Guardian

In recent months Trinity ward councillors have been working to ensure residents are aware of the current Crossrail 2 proposals and the impact that they will have on Wimbledon town centre. Like many people, we are appalled by the lack of consultation and information from Crossrail 2 and deeply concerned about the current plans. 

Food waste liners binned by Labour

This letter was recently printed in the Wimbledon GuardianMerton's Labour Council has dismantled yet another element of the borough's recycling process. With immediate effect, food waste liners will no longer be delivered to residents, although they will be available at libraries. Clearly food waste recycling will decline on top of the already falling recycling rates, just like when Labour started charging for green waste removal. That calamitous policy led to garden waste collection volumes reducing by 75%. The consequence of these anti-recycling policies is that more green and now food waste will end up in general landfill or be incinerated.