Update on Labour Merton Council ending your weekly bin collection

Despite opposition from local residents, the Labour Council are determined to reduce your bin collections and enforce the use of large, expensive wheelie bins. However, your local Conservatives are campaigning to continue the existing arrangement for weekly rubbish collections, without the compulsory imposition of wheelie bins.

From October, the Labour Council will make use of a multi-bin system, including two large wheelie bins along with your recycling box and a food waste bin. The wheelie bins and recycling box will no longer be collected weekly. That means that you will become the Council’s storage units, keeping their waste on your property for up to 2 weeks, regardless of whether you have space or not.


Conservatives are campaigning to maintain weekly collections

The Conservative Party are against the imposition of a fortnightly waste collection. In a survey Merton residents overwhelming said that they wanted to keep a weekly waste collection and not have enforced Council-branded multiple wheelie bins.


Labour Council published false information

You will have received a letter from Merton Labour council, claiming the new collection method will save money. The figures used are incomplete. Labour’s costings do not include the cost of the contract procurement, the capital cost of 120,000 new wheelie bins, plus their replacements or the cost of a new fleet of larger lorries.


The Conservatives are the only party that has listened to you and who will act on your behalf.


Please sign our petition to continue the weekly bin collection and to clean up Mucky Merton


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