Small Business Saturday

Small businesses are critical to future growth. From the shops that provide life’s essentials, to the inventors who change the way we think about the world, we have so much to thank our small businesses for. Today, we are out listening to local businesses and residents.

YMCA Planning Application

YMCA Planning Application

Local Conservatives recently met with Thornsett in regard to the proposed development of the YMCA site in Wimbledon.

Show your support for the Little Leagues

After 50 years of support for the Little Leagues in Merton, the Labour-led Council have reneged on their promise to continue to offer free pitches and changing rooms for all four leagues that play in the borough.

Merton Conservatives 2018 Manifesto

Please do watch our video and read details of our plans to make your life a little bit better in Merton if we win the Merton Council election on 3 May 2018.